Events -Sound equipment for pubs, Weddings, Hotels etc. Norfolk

You want everything for your party to be perfect and run like clockwork. That is exactly what Breck Sound ensures you. We work with you to make sure we know what you are looking for and the type of atmosphere you want created.

Want your music pre-mixed so there are no gaps. Give us the tracks before the event and we will supply professionally mixed tracks in various moods.


Sound Hire Foulsham

Play your paylists on our 1.5 Kilowatt system


Wedding sound Fakenham


#    Make sure Grandpa can hear your speech

#    Your music played at the Church

#    Your music from your playlists for the Disco


#    Lecturn microphones


#    Walk in music

#    Projection sound

conference sound systems Kings Lynn
Party sound system for iphone

Breck Sound Systems Foulsham NR20 5RF

Breck Sound Systems Foulsham NR205RF