Hire Rates Sound equipment Foulsham
Sound hire Dereham
1000 watt Sub Bass
Wedding Speech


Sound Hire Foulsham

Play your paylists on our 1.5 Kilowatt system


Hire Rates

System 1 - Daily Hire


100 watt speaker and Radio mic

Ideal for Quizzes, Bingo, church etc                                             £15.00

System 2 - Daily Hire


2 X LS Full range 400 watt Tops1X50M Reel mains cable

1 X Radio Mic2 X LS Floor Stands

Ideal for village halls, church fete, hotels etc                                £65.00


System 3 - Daily Hire

8 Channel Mixer 

2 X LS Full range 400 watt Tops

1 X 1000 watt Sub Bass

IX 50M Reel mains cable

8 X Electret Mics1 X Wireless Mic2 X LS Floor Stands 8 X Mic Stands

Laptop and phone inputs

Ideal for Weddings, Parties, Entertainers, DJ's, Bands,

Conferences etc.                                                                    £150

Lighting and effects

High powered Strobe

Fog Machine

Programmable lighting effects                                                                                                                                                                    £40.00

Custom Made equipment

100 watt RMS portable PA

Briefcase PA system
Potable PA 100 watts

2 Mic inputs

1 Line input

1 Radio Mic

1 Bluetooth


Portable sound system for pubs
Radio Mic

Breck Sound Systems Foulsham NR20 5RF


Breck Sound Systems Foulsham NR205RF