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Breck Sound is designed by Sound Designer Tony Frossard using as far as possible British and American components (both countries pioneers in mixer and amplifier design).

The aim to have a compact system that is easy to set up and to use as little space as possible but deliver a large sound output with no distortion when required.

A lot of systems currently on the market are very inefficient and tiring to the ears as they are under powered and cheap loudspeaker design. For reliability our systems do not rely

on one amplifier to supply all the speakers, each speaker is self powered so if you were unlucky enough to overload a speaker it would not effect the rest of the system.

On receiving an enquiry we will contact you to make sure we have the correct sound system for yor requirements. We will setup the system and supply any necessary connections for DJ's, bands, your playlists, Projection sound etc.

Although you can connect your device with Bluetooth we recommend hard-wire connection for better quality (headphone jack)....Thanks for looking

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Breck Sound Systems Foulsham NR20 5RF


Breck Sound Systems Foulsham NR205RF